Whole House Surge Protector

As a child growing up I can remember the thunder and lighting from the storms being pretty scary. During the storms we would unplug the television or radio or any type appliance that was plugged into a wall outlet and wait until the storm passed. Our telephone lines actually had fuses in the lines to protect the telephone wiring inside our house and many times the phone repairman had to come replace the fuses. Today, we have so many sensitive electronic devices that we use in our homes and office’s, that protection for the entire home or office against unwanted power surges caused by lighting or power outages has become necessary. The surge protection strips you can plug into the wall and then plug your electronic devices into is a good start, but that will not protect other devices in your home, or office, nor will they protect the wiring inside the building. We have seen power surges from lightning cause as small a problem as a tripped circuit breaker or a major problem such as a fire. Whole buildings have been destroyed because of inadequate surge protection for the entire building. Whole House Surge Protection, once only available in expensive Commercial applications is now available to the general public at a reasonable cost. Please call or email us for an appointment for a FREE analysis of your Electrical System to see which type Surge Protection is right for you.