Emergency Stand-By Generators

Hurricanes are an unfortunate part of life here in Florida. When Hurricane Charley devastated Central Florida in 2004, millions of homes and businesses were without power for days or even weeks. People were left without the basic needs of lights, refrigeration, TV, radio, and, in some cases, even water. The result was long lines for basic services needed to keep families going, damages to homes and business's due to vandalism, theft, even mold and mildew because of the heat and humidity and no Air Conditioning to control it.

Your family or business can be prepared with an electric generator that comes on-line automatically when the electrical power to your home or business is interrupted. Guardian by Generac Power Systems is the overwhelming generator of choice. Sizes and prices vary depending on whether you want back-up power only for key appliances like refrigerators, freezers and lights or whether you want back-up power for your entire house or business.

We make installing a generator a simple turnkey operation. We install a built in place concrete pad, set the generator in place and install the transfer switch and all the associated wiring. Once the installation is complete, we do the start up and completely test the system to insure that the system works as designed.

Please contact us today for a FREE analysis of your electrical system and a FREE estimate. Remember, you can keep your family or business safe and protect your investment by taking action before it is to late.